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About us

Giant New was founded in 2006. With registered capital of 80 million RMB and total investment of 200 million RMB, our factory covers an area of 85,946 square meters and occupies the construction area of 63,600 square meters. Currently has 9 large-scale extrusion production lines, introduction of several international advanced level of smelting furnace,  full automatic Anodizing and Electrophoresis Automatic Production Line, Horizontal Fluorocarbon Spraying Line, Testing equipment from Bruker etc,  supporting the production of various specifications of the aluminum profile.

Since establishment, we have cooperated closely with many experts and institutes internationally, which makes our products are in high quality and earn reputation globally. Our products have successfully been sold to many countries and areas of Europe, American, Australia, Japan, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.

According to customer demand, production of aluminum alloy products manufacturing all kinds of specifications, and professional to provide customers with all kinds of aluminum anodic oxidation coloring and the precision sizing precision cutting, punching, bending, pipe, mechanical polishing, surface grinding, sandblasting, wire drawing, acid chemical polishing, production, hard oxidation and metal products processing, installation and other services. Our factory is equipped with automatic hydraulic cutting machine, many different types of CNC lathe, punch and CNC milling machine; mechanical polishing, vibration grinding machine, sandblasting machine, drawing machine and other processing equipment and anodizing production line (more than 30 slot: length * width * depth = 2.4M * 1M * 1.2M), can satisfy the customer to processing and the requirement of surface treatment, and the use of imported dyeing agent, coloring agent and sealing agent, meet customer requirements for quality.

We offer professional manufacturing of bespoke aluminium extrusion profiles and the manufacture of quality extruded aluminium components. The extrusion designs are passed to us using CAD drawings or the more conventional paper drawing. From the drawing or CAD file we create the die through which aluminium is pressed and formed into the desired profile. The complexity and size or shape of the cavity varies according to the design requirements of our customers.

Our wealth of experience in the aluminium extrusion and engineering fabrication industries make us best suited to tailor a solution for you. Experienced in many market sectors and in tailoring different solutions to a vast array of clients – we pride ourselves on being the market leader in supply of all your aluminium profiles needs.

The Giantnew Group continues to maintain its reputation as an efficient and reliable provider of quality aluminium supply solutions to its wide and varied customer base.

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